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Hi DA! Long time no see! Guess what! I got picked up as a lead animator for a new show! We are kick starting it now! Will you help spread the word and maybe support us?:…

Also, how do I sell prints off DA? Does anyone want prints of any if my drawings?
Hey Everyone, to help with my professional image, I am going to be going through my Deviant art and deleting a lot of my old art, sadly even the popular avatar ones. I'll be keeping a few but most are going. Sorry everyone, thanks for all the comments and complements you have given me on them, if it wasn't for your encouragement I wouldn't be where I am today. :)
So my birthday was a week or so ago, but I didn't check my DA page and completely missed all of the wonderful birthday wishes from people. So I'm taking the time now to say Thank you! Thank you everyone! :)
I guess I should update this. I'm back from my job now. It was wonderful and I had a blast. Sorry for my long time away. Hopefully I'll be able to update now.
I got a job! I am so happy! I will be a junior animator in New York! It is only for 3 months but I will work so very hard for those 3 months! :DDD
how do I make a poll?
Whoaaaa! Watson4795 sent me a premium member ship on DA! I have no idea what to do with it! :O
There is a job opening to work for Nick on Korra and I applied for it! Wish me luck! I would love to work on Korra! :D
Ok everyone! I have a new Tumblr!!

There is this film called The beauty Inside and its about a guy who wakes up as a new person everyday. He makes little vlogs everyday to record who he is and I tried out to be one of his vlogs but it will only happen if I get people to vote for me! So click my page and click the link and click like! Thank you!
Well! I finished one of the Commissions lined up! It is SRU!Smellerbee and Longshot!………

Part of a set of pics commissioned by :icondestiny-smasher: portraying Jane "Smellerbee" Fitzpatrick and Johnny "Longshot" from his Avatar alternate universe story, 'What I Learned at SRU.' Much more art of this AU can be found at the extensive gallery:… The story can be read on DA here: or on FF dotnet here:…

I had a great time doing this commission and it has really made me fall back in love with smellerbee and longshot! I now have inspiration to work on my Leg-Lagged Comic.   However I am having a bit of a problem with script. I keep getting so many ideas that I've made so many versions of pages that never get submitted because the ideas keep changing. Would someone be so kind and be my assistant? I just need someone to say "ok do that idea, don't do any other idea!" and check back with me do make sure i'm keeping on it. I guess that would make you more of a manager then an assistant but if you are an artist, It would be nice to have help with all my OCs. I have an entire city to design and it gets draining.

I'm thinking about continuing Jet-Lagged on Tumblr instead of DA. I'll keep DA and submit to it but I want to wait until have more original work on my DA account before I start flooding it with fanart again,
Hey everyone. One of my watchers posted a really cool picture of a fish and I want to do a mermaid drawing of it, but I can't just post one mermaid, I would like to do another mermaid dump, does anyone know of some really cool fish or sea life that could be made into a mermaid?

Also, how would you all feel about me having a tumblr.
Do you have a hard time drawing your own character? Is your character visually cluttered and a bit eyesore? Is your character boring? Does your character scream of being Mary Sue/Lary Stu? Can't find a drawing style that matches your unique character and story? Is something 'just not right' about it and you need help making it perfect? Just wanna see your character in a different style for kicks?

Send that character to me! For $25 I will simplify, amplify, redesign, your character or what ever your character needs to look visually stunning. You will receive a full page of sketches showing my take of the character. For $50 dollars, I will do all that and a full page of emotions and gestures! For $75 I will do all that and add color! $100 I will do all that and a detailed colored illustration!

Don't want a complete redesign of your character but just want your character drawn for fun? For $15 I will do just that!

Are you not exactly rolling in the cash right now? For Just 10 bucks I take a look at your character and give you constructive critique, including ways you can improve your character on your own as well as suggest visual reference, websites, books and artist I believe you should look at to help give your character a new perspective you might not have known about! I will help you find an illustrative language you can use to communicate who your character is! This is good for up to 5 redesigns as needed as well! So if you take my advice and want to see what I think about it or if you are headed in the right direction, you won't have to keep paying again! And if my suggestions prove to be useless or unhelpful, or if there is nothing I can say about your character that could improve it, or if I have no idea how to fix it, then it's FREE!  

Give me an example or a description, of the characters looks, personality and story I will analyze your character and help remove the visual weak points and draw attention to the creative elements you have come up with. Note me with your details or questions!
Hello everyone. I have a website I've been working on. I don't know of the design of the website is ok. I think it might be too childish or whimsical. Can you guys take a look and give me your opinion? I can't tell if the colors are too subdue. Maybe I should pick a brighter, more graphic color theme.

PS: I know the images on the site are a bit large, I'll be resizing them. Right now I am just wondering about the web design. Also: IT looks best if viewed in Safari. Don't view in Opera, Its all wack.

Also I started a art blog is anyone wants to follow. So far all that is on it is the mermaid art but soon I'll be adding other things that won't be submitted to DA:
Hi everyone! Sorry for the absences. I'm just want to let all you know that I'm going to be going through my DA account and sending some of my fan art and earlier work to my scraps. I won't be delete them (well maybe except for a few) so they will still be in your favorites if you have favorite them. But I think since I'm trying to enter the work force, I need to make my DA account look a bit more professional. So I'm thinking of sending most of my Aang_100 series into scraps.

It will be difficult since I got where I am with fan art and I love doing it but I think I should start submitting some of my original work I've been working on too since I want to demonstrate all my capabilities, which I can't really do with just fanart. Every now and then I will still do fanart but I want to try and focus on building a presence on the internet with my original art too.
Would you guys mind it if I started uploading my original stuff instead of fanart?
Ok, to get me to draw more and to get some money, I am offering to do commissions. This time however instead of having a flat background with characters, I will be offering to do characters in environments, focusing more on the overall illustration instead. So for 40-50 bucks (depending on the complexity) i will do full illustrations for you. Anyone interested?

edit: Since people are asking, I will be doing this for the next two months. Also, if you are sure you want one but cannot pay now, tell me your request and I will hold off on submitting it till you are able to pay. (that way I won't have like 0 this month and like 5 in september, which is when everyone seems to being getting their hard earned cash)
Hey Ya'll! I got interviewed for the blog

Check it out and get to know more about me!
Hey everyone. I'm back at school with internet now and as you might have seen, i uploaded some of the comics i did in my comics class last year before summer but never had a chance to upload.

Working at Clambake Animations on kid shows and an adult swim show was soooooo much fun. I can't tell you anything about what i was working on till some of the shows air but i can tell you it was an awesome experience and  learned so much. Sadly though, i spent all my creative energy on creating characters and backgrounds i didn't have much mojo left for my own projects but i'm not complaining too much. I've done more designs there then i ever did in that amount of time.

on another note, I'm surprised so many people like my short stories of my childhood. (ps i didn't submit the cover but the series is called "tales from the cockatoo's nest."  I was experimenting with a new looser style, one that i wouldn't get caught up in detail and that was still expressive. its still a little messy for my liking in some pages but i'm happy with some of the comments i've been getting. I was a really odd child, who grew up into a really odd adult. I have a lot of odd stories like that. The best part about it is that since its true stories i don't have to script it (were  get stuck with most comics)

Anywho, i'm glad to be back and 'm looking forward to sending you guys all the crazy  things i come up with in the future!
I am renting a place over the summer at the place that doesn't have internet so I will not be able to do stuff for a while.

In the plus side I got an internship at Clambake and will be working on shows that will be pitched to Adult Swim!  Its going to be different then the normal stuff i work on since Shows for Adult Swim tend to be more ranch in humor and I'm more like Nick or Fredinator kind of humor but hey its work and its something to put on the resume.

Right now I am on someone else's computer but when i get internet again I shall be uploading a lot of stuff i worked on in my Comic book class as well as fan art and hopefully more Jet-Lagged.